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Materials: poplar, pine
With : 900mm、1250mm
Length: 1950mm、2000mm、2100mm、2130mm etc.
Thickness : 25-38mm
Density: 340-360 kg/m3
The product is featured as light in weight, sound-proof, anti-impact, temperature-keeping and stable in dimensions. The product reserves the virtues of wood and gets rid of its weak points such as shrinking after drying while swelling after being wet, and being heavy in weight. It is indeed an ideal green environment-friendly replacement to solid wood cores.
1.       The best long term storage environments is which can adjust the temperature and humidity, can not be stored in the air flow larger and humidity larger place.
2.       Flat put, remove packaging belt, to prevent deformation, eliminate their stress.
3.       It’s better to store for more than one week in use of environmental, at least depositing 48 hours before using.
4.       After erection the board will be lifted. To flat carry, the plate must be towards the vertical direction of arch length.
Tubular Particleboar…
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